The Essential Role of Project Management in the IT Industry

iNsights   •   Aug 02, 2017

In today’s world, it’s difficult to run or standardize project management processes without a project manager. The project manager’s mission is to maintain a repository for plans, project proposals, change requests, and status reports. The typical project manager is tasked with overseeing numerous IT projects and ensuring that they meet and comply with all relevant standards.

Improving Management Capabilities

The project manager helps to improve management capabilities by providing training, coaching, and mentoring. This helps team members to increase their skills and competence levels. The project manager’s office will also conduct project reviews to document and analyze insights gained. The ultimate goal is to continually improve IT and management processes.

Benefits of IT Project Management

Sound project management can provide a systematic approach to how IT projects and organizations are run. Project managers can work in tandem and identify those products and services in ways that provide the right kind of oversight. Oversight and collaboration are the necessary elements for success. Here’s an overview of what project managers attempt to accomplish.

  • The project manager implements and directs a systematic approach for the IT organization. This makes the IT project manager responsible for each project, and to provide the necessary support for every collaboration.
  • Effective IT project managers also work hard to help their organization develop the knowledge and skills to implement and run effective IT projects effectively. Tools, along with templates, are provided to help scope out new IT projects. Meetings between IT development teams and sponsors can help prioritize productivity tools to make sure everything aligns with a company’s marketing objectives.

Finding the “Right Technology Solutions Using the Right Technology

It may be that many western firms desire technology simply for technology’s sake. Consider the fact that a whole host of vendors take pride in being able to offer “technology” solutions. In reality, customers want to know what the opportunity will provide. Then, they want to know how it will be solved.
In truth, there’s a lot of confusion going around. Vendors have a mission to create new technology markets, while IT specialists are eager to offer the latest and what is deemed the greatest technology for clients. In the Unites States, most people find it difficult to imagine new ways of doing things until they’ve gotten hold of the latest technology. Most Americans also pride themselves in adopting new technologies that appear to be ahead of the world.
Of course, this bias for new technology can lead to some amazing results. This bias also has a dark side that needs exposing. There are many IT managers who can recall implementing a new technology that no one really understood, or wanted. New technology can actually slow things down to the point where the team is no longer as productive. Other IT managers can recall implanting new systems when the old system worked perfectly.